Michigan Underwater Preserves Diver’s Guide

This information published in the web site is available in handy booklet form, and should be available at most Michigan dive shops and maritime museums. If you’d like to download and print the information provided on this site, here’s a download link to a PDF of the guide:

A separate, updated listing of Dive Shops and Charter Operators can be downloaded here:

Contact the MUPC to offer details and updates. Suggestions are always appreciated!

Watch the MUPC shipwreck preservation video “Sunken Treasure” on YouTube here

Do you have exciting information relevant to shipwreck research and preservation? Check out our Public Facebook Group and get in on the discussion.

Check out the Michigan Shipwrecks Web App, it’s an interactive map showing dive sites (to 150 ft) and shallow sites for kayak and snorkel enthusiasts.

     You can also make your own donation to MUPC to help us with our mission to promote shipwreck preservation and safe diving education, and to provide safe and secure shipwreck moorings.  Let us know if you’d like to designate your donation for a specific purpose or in memory of someone special.